Youth Department @ EAS

(If you can't see the exciting video of our 2014-15 season, please click here.)

Thanks to the charismatic and very creative talents of Elie Bodner, our Youth Director, and his energetic and very personable wife, Rachel, the Elmora Avenue Shul's Youth Department is very active year-round.

Young children have the opportunity to enjoy weekly Shabbos groups, which take place during the time of the main minyan, where they daven and play games with leaders who are caring and sensitive to their needs. Teens have a minyan all their own in the JEC's Beis Medrash where they lead all aspects of the davening and laining. This is a wonderful venue for youngsters to practice becoming ba'alei tefilah and leaders within a shul setting. Periodically, the teens come up to the main minyan and take over the davening, showing their skills and bringing great nachas to their parents and grandparents.

Throughout the year, the Elmora Avenue Shul's Youth Department offers programs for each age level. Programs include bowling, visits to amusement parks, magic shows, Lag Ba'Omer bonfire, Purim Chagiga, Shabbos onegs and Shalosh Seuda get-togethers, craft making, hamantash baking and so much more. Most weekends have Youth programming offerings; and Chol Hamoed Sukkos and Pesach are always jam-packed with daily opportunities.

Mrs. Ruth Kolb of the EAS Board oversees the Youth Department and has a committee of dedicated volunteers who ably assist her to ensure the best possible events and activities for our cherished children - the future leaders of our community.