Lev Reda operates solely on contributions and funds raised through Sisterhood programs. Your generosity will continue to support this outreach program.

Why is our Sisterhood a great place volunteer? Sisterhood Profile

The Elizabeth Community was founded in 1881, and became what it is today during the six decades of the Torah leadership of Rabbi Pinchas M. Teitz, zichrono livracha. Rav Teitz set out in 1935 to establish a modern Torah Community when he accepted Elizabeth’s rabbinate. His vision has been realized and expanded. Our area, known as the Elmora Section, is home to the J.E.C. Elmora Avenue Shul.

When the Elmora Avenue Shul Sisterhood first began in January, 2007, we had a vision of serving our community. Our group was formed to fill what we saw as a void. The women of our Shul have come together to create an organization to reach out to Shul members in whatever capacity is needed.

The Lev Reda Gemach is an integral part of our Sisterhood. The Gemach delivers welcome baskets to new members of our community. In addition, we arrange meals at the homes of community members for the first 2 Shabbatot when a family first moves into Elizabeth. We also insure that Shul members who have lost a loved one, have Shiva meals provided.

The Elmora Avenue Shul Sisterhood sponsors various social functions throughout the year. These are aimed at women, couples and families. If you’re looking for a place to volunteer, to meet your neighbors, or just to have fun, the Elmora Avenue Shul Sisterhood is the place for you!


Efrona Hagler, co-president 908-558-1565
Debbie Sarasohn, co-president 908-353-5357
Yanina Haas, treasurer 908-355-9058
Rivky Herman, Lev Reda 908-355-7410
Rivkie Pinsker, social secretary 908-353-4607
Miriam Reisman, secretary, Lev Reda 908-353-0029
Barri Rifkin, programming 908-578-0996
Susan Rifkin, programming, Lev Reda 908-202-8800
Charna Szuchmacher, welcome 908-469-9316
Adina Twersky 908-354-4111
Charlotte Zimmerman, membership 908-355-9270

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