Torah reading

If you would like to lein in the main minyan of our shul on at least a semi-regular basis, please contact Dr. Steven Singfer, who organizes the Shabbos and Chagim rotation. If you would like to lein or have someone lein on a particular day in the main shul, please also contact the gabbai, Gabi Spiewak; Gabi is also the go-to person for leining during Rosh haShanah or Yom haKippurim.
For all other minyanim, you may want to speak with the appropriate gabbai.
Thank you.

Some useful links:

rules to be used by ba'alei q'riyahunder construction!

rules to be used by ba'alei maftir (and general customs)under construction!

Below please find a list of Shul members who often volunteer for Torah laining in our different minyanim:

Member Usual JEC minyan Telephone
Dr. Steven Singfer Elmora main 908-558-0878
Rabbi Chaim Hagler Elmora main 908-558-1565
Dr. David Hirschorn Elmora hashkamah 908-355-5071
Moshe Korbman Elmora youth 908-289-6672
Rabbi Casriel Levenson Elmora Hills main 908-965-1420
Marty Lewitter Elmora hashkamah 908-354-4277
Rabbi Joseph Oratz Elmora hashkamah 908-527-1468
Michael Poppers Elmora main 908-353-4227
Joe Rothstein Elmora Hills main 908-558-9172
Joshua Wise Elmora Hills main 908-354-0653