Community Organizations/Resources:

Bikur Cholim - Provides local hospital and home visits. Contact: Rabbi Avrohom Herman (908-220-7317)

CARDS: via the EAS Sisterhood, contact Debbie Sarasohn, 908-353-5357.

Chaveirim: providing 24/6 basic services: car-battery boost, car and house lockouts, flat-tire fixing, etc. Call 908-866-6166.

Chevra Kadisha: For men, contact Dr. David Hirschorn, 347-681-0278, Moshe Pascher, 908-358-6520, or Michael Poppers, 917-710-4426; for women, contact Mavis Rosenstein, 908-358-4262. For information on Shomrim, contact Havvah Schwartz, 908-965-0307.

Clothing Exchange: For maternity clothing, contact Laura Silverstein (917-662-3519).

Community Email Newsletter, For information contact Marty Nashofer, 908-352-7209

Eruv: Volunteers are needed to inspect the "eruv". Please call Rabbi Avrohom Herman at 908-220-7317 if you are available to assist in this endeavor.

GIFT CERTIFICATES: Call Beverly Schnipper (908-351-7133).

Hatzalah of Union County: For medical emergencies, 24/7, call 908-659-9550.

Kulanu Yachad: Helping local families with short-term financial emergencies.
Contact Dasi Goldsmith, 908-558-1920, or Debbie Oratz, 908-527-1468.

Meals for new mothers: Contact Leah Greenblum, 908-436-2874.

Sha'atnez Testing: Contact Gershon Freudenberger, 908-289-3752.

Tehillim: Contact Sheila Nashofer (908-352-7209) or Sara Wilansky (908-353-6435). To join the email list, sign up here.

More information (e.g. re Mikva Tomer Devorah or Yeshivas/Kollel Be'er Yitzchok) may be available at the JEC's Community Resources page.