If you would like to say bircas ha'ilanos, please consult the list of local fruit trees below.
For the text of the b'rachah and specific halachos, please see this article by Rabbi Doniel Neustadt.

Blossoming fruit trees in Elizabeth, NJ and vicinity
(confirmed during Nisan 5768/April 2008 and subsequent years, up through and including Tammuz 5778/July 2018)

I Visible or accessible from public property
(1) cherry tree at curbside across from 637 Livingston (just west of Bellewood intersection)
(2) apple tree [next to JEC building] in backyard of 629 Park, visible on Bellewood
(3) pair of mulberry trees on the front lawn of 731 Livingston
(4) cherry and peach trees on the front lawn of 715 Cleveland
(5) fig tree at 802 Livingston (also visible from Monmouth)
(6) apple tree on front lawn of 842 Livingston
(7) pear tree on driveway area of 249 Monmouth
(8) apple tree at 849 Wyoming (also visible from Palisade)
(9) apple tree at 138 Hillside
(10) cherry tree at 235 Hillside (corner of Wyoming)
(11) pear tree at 913 Edgewood (visible from Glenwood)
(12) apple tree on front lawn of 1057 Harding
(13) pair of cherry trees on front lawn of Union Y, 501 Green Lane, and [this is unconfirmed] mulberry trees in back (near playground)

II visible only from private property
(1) fig trees at 763 Cleveland
(2) peach trees in backyard of 767 Bailey (walk up path adjacent to 761-Bailey driveway, or enter backyard gate [ignore “security dog” sign]; usually blooms at beginning of Nisan)
(3) fig tree in backyard of 823 Colonia, visible on Princeton (with permission of owner, walk to front steps of Princeton-side door and look towards garage which is next to 17 Princeton)
(4) pair of apple trees in backyard of 840 Park (walk onto Palisade-side driveway, then turn right and walk across lawn)
(5) quince bush on front lawn of 865 Wyoming (deep pink flowers; Hillside side of lawn, behind a euonymus; owner grants permission to walk up to it)
(6) apricot tree in backyard of 323 Summit

The following trees were observed flowering but have not yet been observed fruiting:
1. cherry tree on front lawn of 149 Hillside

The following properties are listed by another source and are unconfirmed:
1. peach tree at 321 (331?) Elmora
2. apple tree at 420 Westend