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[1] Women's Parsha Shiur


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[2] JEC Elmora Avenue Shul Sisterhood Membership Event


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[3] FYI: weekly online-radio program by R'Chaim Hagler


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[4] Mazal Tov!

[5] 8:30pm maariv, Women's parsha class on Wednesdays


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[6] Weekday Schedule Change


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[7] Mazal Tov!

[8] please vote this coming Wednesday (16 Oct 2013)


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[9] Women's parsha shiur tonight (Wed) at 8:15pm


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[10] funeral/l'vaya and shiv'a for Dr. Eugene Bilenker a'h'


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[11] Save the Date (for the Shulís Annual Dinner)


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[12] Youth Department events this weekend (25-27 Oct 2013)


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[13] Opening of Herb Hein Playroom this Shabbos Pí Chayei Sara




Attention ladies! Rabbi Herman will resume his weekly parsha shiur for women on Wednesday evening October 2nd at the JEC at 8:15pm.  We hope you can attend.

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All ladies are invited to attend the JEC Elmora Avenue Shul Sisterhood's Paid Up Membership Movie Night.  It will take place on Monday evening October 14th at the JEC in room 146.  The film "Fill the Void" will be shown.  Seating is limited so kindly rsvp to Anita Kolat or Barbara Mason. We look forward to seeing you there. 

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Rabbi Chaim Hagler has begun a new weekly online-radio program on the Nachum Segal Network entitled "Listen Up!" -- it can be heard on Wednesday mornings between 10am and 11am Eastern time. Last week, Chaim interviewed Akiva Miller about "eruv" work (that program is still available here []); in this week's scheduled program, he interviews Ephraim Bassan about being a gabbai.  Enjoy!

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Heartiest congratulations to Debbie and Rabbi Joe Oratz on the recent birth of a son to their children, Temima and Tzvi Oratz of Atlanta, GA.  May the b'ris occur b'sha'ah tovah umutzlachas, and may we continue to hear, share, and celebrate good news!

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   Anyone who is able to attend the 8:30 ma'ariv on Sundaythrough Thursday evenings is encouraged to do so.

   We would like to remind ladies about the Women's Parsha class on Wednesday evenings at 8:15 in the JEC board room.

Thank you.

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Beginning this coming week, the weekday mincha maariv schedule will change to make the time for Maariv about 5 minutes after Mincha as opposed to 15 minutes that was in-between them until now. Maariv will now follow mincha only by 20 minutes rather than 30 minutes. After mincha there will be a short daily halacha learned followed by a kaddish d'rabbanan and maariv. For those who would like more time to learn halacha and are able to stay, a 10-15 minute shiur in Mishna Berurah will be given after Maariv.


This change is being made to accommodate the needs and interests of our membership. Many have found the 15 minutes inconvenient with their schedules and would be more inclined to come to the minyan if they can daven maariv a few minutes after mincha. For this reason we have adjusted the time while still maintaining the learning by having the shiur after maariv.


Our hope is to improve our shul through the increase of tefilla bítzibur and Torah learning that will occur as a result of accommodating, as much as possible, the diverse interest of our community


Rabbi Avrohom Herman
Jewish Educational Center Elmora Ave Shul
330 Elmora Ave
Elizabeth NJ 07208
9083554850 ext 104

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Heartiest congratulations to Tzipi Kaminer (and to the entire mishpacha) on the engagement of Yehuda to Eliana Schreiber of Denver, CO. †May we continue to hear, share, and celebrate good news!

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This coming Wed., October 16th, all registered NJ voters are urged to vote in the special election for the US Senate seat formerly held by the late Frank Lautenberg.† Thank you.

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Just a reminder to ladies that Rabbi Herman's weekly parsha shiur for women will be held tonight (Wed 10/16) at the JEC at 8:15pm.  We look forward to seeing you.

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We regret to inform you of the passing of Dr. Eugene Bilenker a'h'. †The funeral and l'vaya will i'y'H' take place tomorrow (Monday), October 21st, at the JEC Reibel Bais Medrash, 330 Elmora Avenue, beginning at 10:30AM. †The family, including wife Ruth, son Jim, and daughters Vicky and Susan, will be sitting shiv'a on Tuesday and Wednesday -- both days, only between 4-8PM -- at Ruth's residence, 24 Melrose Terrace in Elizabeth (tel: 908-342-4887 or 908-351-2538; ZIP: 07208-1706), with Mincha (followed by a short shiur and then Ma'ariv) scheduled to begin each day at 5:55PM; and continuing shiv'a on Thursday and Friday at Jim's residence, 14 Rowser Way in Hillsborough (tel: 908-342-4887 or 908-281-7199; ZIP: 08844-7070).

Sincerest condolences to the entire mishpacha. †May we have the opportunity to share better news in the future and witness the era of "bila hamaves lanetzach."

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Mark your calendars!  The JEC Elmora Avenue Shul's annual dinner will take place on Sunday evening, December 15th, at the JEC at 7 o'clock.  Invitations will be forthcoming.  


We look forward to seeing you there.

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We would like to remind everyone about upcoming Youth Department events:

We hope to see you all there!

-The Elmora Ave. Shul Youth Department

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The JEC Elmora Ave Shul is excited to announce the opening of The Herb Hein Playroom this Shabbos!


The playroom will be open Shabbos mornings during davening times and is available for mothers and children ages 0-3. The room is located off of the lunchroom just right of the staircase leading into the JEC building.


As the number of young families in our community continues to grow, and based on suggestions from our members, we have created a wonderful new room that will be a comfortable space for our youngest members (and their moms).


In honor of the opening of the Herb Hein Playroom, we will be having an upgraded kiddush this Shabbos. We encourage all members to come to shul this Shabbos and take a look at our beautiful new playroom on their way to the kiddush after davening. And of course all moms are invited to come and enjoy the new room with their small children.


We would like to thank the following individuals for making the Herb Hein Playroom possible:


The Hein/Gross family who dedicated the room in memory of Stacey Grossís father, Dr. Herb Hein zĒl

Karen Ostrove for the beautiful mural painted on the wall

Jerry Tarlowe for donating the carpet in the room

Avie Pinsker for donating the window in the room

Elly Miller for construction work in the room

Tzion Swissa for construction work in the room

Sruly Safrin

Ari & Becky Romanoff

Yael Spiewak

Yaakov Weiss

Tzvi Buchsbaum


Thank you to the following for organizing the special Kiddush along with the Kiddush Committee:


Rachie Niren

Miriam Reisman

Rivky Herman

Malka Widofsky

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