Kosher Food & Eateries

The Elizabeth community enjoys a wide variety of Kosher shopping/eating experiences, all under the hashgacha of the Va'ad Harabanim of Elizabeth/Hillside, chaired by our Mara d'Asra, Rav Elazar M. Teitz. They include:

One Stop Kosher Market: Under the ownership of Pinchas Kasirer, this kosher meat market/bakery/deli/grocery/fruit and vegetable store has developed into one of the neighborhood's most popular shopping sites.

Avenue Grill & Sushi: Under the same ownership as "One Stop," this newly-renovated meat/pareve restaurant (formerly known as Glatt Star) is open weekdays and weekends and is a well-known family and simcha location.

Jerusalem Restaurant has been a community staple for decades and makes the most delicious dairy delicacies around, including pizza and falafel (of course!).

New Kosher Chinese attracts people to Elizabeth from a variety of local neighborhoods who enjoy Chinese cuisine at its finest. Well-priced lunch specials are among the fan favorites!

Dunkin' Donuts: Thanks to Rav Teitz, Elizabeth was among the first communities to enjoy a kosher Dunkin' Donuts. It is a very popular spot, especially among the community's youth.

Rita's at Jersey Gardens, located on the lower level of the mall (across from Marshalls), offers a delicious array of Italian-ice and custard treats.

Shoprite, Kosher Experience: Elizabeth enjoys a full and varied Kosher section in our local Shoprite store including a full deli and frozen section, dairy products and grocery aisles.