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rules used by the gabbai

Here's a list of gabbaim who ensure the smooth operation of our Shul's various minyanim, together with contact information and which minyan they usually minister to:

Member Usual JEC minyan Telephone
Moshe Elyaszadeh Elmora s'faradi 908-289-0090
Bill Goldfischer Elmora BM evening 1st 908-289-8834
Marty Knecht Elmora BM morning/evening 2nd 908-351-2169
Moshe Korbman Elmora youth 908-289-6672
Marty Lewitter Elmora hashkamah 908-354-4277
Rabbi Avie Pinsker Elmora BM morning 1st/evening 2nd, main 908-353-4607
Chaim Sarasohn Elmora main 908-353-5357
Gabi Spiewak Elmora main 908-352-0971
Aaron Stier Elmora main 908-289-7866
Aryeh Twersky Elmora main <unlisted>
Please note: BM minyanim meet Mon-Fri in the "old" (street-level) JEC Reibel Bais Medrash
S'faradi minyanim meet Shabbath&Chaggim in the "new" (basement-level) JEC RTMA Halpern Bais Medrash
Youth and hashkamah minyanim meet Shabbos&Yontef in the "old" (street-level) JEC Reibel Bais Medrash