Online Shiurim

Listed in alphabetical order by surname of the magid shiur and then in descending order by date:

shiurim by the JEC Rabbinate

Chevra Kadisha Adar5779 divrei Torah

Kinus 2018 lecture: Kappara: For the Individual, for the Home, for the Jewish People

Kinus 2015 lecture: Torah, Avodah, G'milus Chasadim

shiurim by Rabbi Lipa Geldwerth

Witkin-Yahrzeit 2016 lecture: Kaddish and Hashem's Holy Name

shiurim by Rabbi Doniel Kalish

Witkin-Yahrzeit 2017 lecture: Yiddishkeit: It's a Relationship with Hashem

shiurim by Rabbi Dov Keilson

Witkin-Yahrzeit 2018 lecture: Powerful Choices

shiurim by Rabbi Paysach Krohn

Witkin-Yahrzeit 2019 lecture: Emunah and Bitachon - A Constant Connection with Hashem

lectures by Rabbi Avie Pinsker

Jewish History, Jun-Nov 2016

                -- Part I: 21 Jun
                -- Part II (David and Solomon): 28 Jun
                -- Part III (The North-South Schism): 05 Jul
                -- Part IV (The Religious Revival...): 12 Jul
                -- Part V (The Missing Years): 19 Jul
                -- Part VI (The Hellenistic Period): 26 Jul
                -- Part VII (Pharisees and Sadducees): 02 Aug
                -- Part VIII (Judaea under Roman Rule): 09 Aug
                -- Part IX (The Great War): 16 Aug
                -- Part X (The Great War Part 2): 23 Aug
                -- Part XI (A Comparison between...): 30 Aug
                -- Part XII (Diaspora and Dispersion): 06 Sep
                -- Part XIII (2nd Century CE): 13 Sep
                -- Part XIV (Rome and the Sassanids): 20 Sep
                -- Part XV (The growth of Babylonian Jewry): 27 Sep
                -- Part XVI (The rise of Christianity): 04 Oct
                -- Part XVII (Judaism...and Zoroastrians): 11 Oct
                -- Part XVIII (The Emergence of Islam): 18 Oct
                -- Part XIX (Jewish attitudes toward Islam): 25 Oct
                -- Part XX (Early Middle Ages): 01 Nov

shiurim by Rabbi Henoch Plotnick

community lecture (after Chevra Kadisha 7Adar5778 lecture): Left but not Abandoned

shiurim by Rabbi David Sapirman

Witkin-Yahrzeit 2015 lecture: The Emuna Sugar Cube